Western Union Poker Sites

US poker players have not always found it easy to find names that they can rely on but things are getting slightly easier for players these days. There may not be the same amount of payment methods available to US poker players compared to the pre UIGEA days but there are still a number of ways to make a deposit. You should be familiar with the Western Union because it is a fairly large brand all around the world and this could be just the thing that ensures you get to enjoy real money games with US poker sites.

If you haven’t heard of Western Union, don’t be alarmed, they really are a major company. Any firm that has an annual turnover of more than $5 billion is definitely doing something right! This huge name means that they work hard to provide safety and security for all of their players and this is definitely something you can feel safe about when using this method to put money into your online poker accounts.

List of the Best Western Union Poker Sites

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  • USA Poker Room
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  • BetOnline Poker
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  • Sportsbetting Poker
  • 25% UP TO $900
  • Offers cash bonus on all deposits in sports, casino or poker

    Once of the easiest poker sites for US players

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It is easy to fund your poker play with Western Union

If you have never used Western Union before but are interested in setting up an account and making a deposit to a US friendly poker site, there is not a lot to worry about. First of all, you should go online or to a Western Union store and once you have provided them with information and money; they will require you to get in touch with the poker site who will provide you with account details. These details should then be passed over to Western Union who will provide your funds to the online poker site. This is not a difficult process at all and there are other great benefits to be gained from using Western Union.

The fact that you can choose between using Western Union online or in a physical store is a great boost. If you choose a physical store, you can pay cash which is not always an available option for US poker sites. This will provide players with an added level of flexibility, which is definitely something to be happy about.

Another bonus comes with the fact that it is possible to purchase pre-paid cards from Western Inion. Again, being able to pay cash for these cards provides an added level of flexibility for US poker players. The minimum deposit when it comes to funding your US poker account with a Western Union card is $50.

Do I Have To Pay To Use Western Union?

One of the things that people need to be aware of when it comes to using Western Union to fund online poker play is that there will be a fee involved. The fee will vary but you shouldn’t be shocked to learn that it can range from anything between $25 and $75! This can seriously eat into your bankroll for when you play online poker so make sure that you know what you are getting into before you decide to use Western Union. For many players, this is still the most sensible option but as long as you know what you are getting yourself into before you play.

Will Western Union Keep You Safe?

Some players may decide to be a bit wary about using Western Union for their US poker play because of the fee involved but there is an added bonus. You have a greater level of safety and security involved with Western Union due to the fact that you are using an intermediary. If you want to have the best level of security when you play online poker games, this is definitely something you should look into.