Best Legal Poker Sites in United States

Life hasn’t been easy for poker players in the United States and it should be made clear, playing poker in the US is not illegal. It is possible to play online poker for US residents but of course, it is not always as easy or as straightforward as it should be!

The emergence of the UIGEA has certainly caused a lot of problems for US poker players and there was a thought that the organisation was going to make it illegal to play online poker in the United States. It didn’t though, what it decided to do was to make it illegal for banking institutions to process payments to any site that provided online gaming or gambling facilities! This is where it is so difficult for many US poker players to find the right poker option but again, it needs to be stressed that playing poker and even funding your online poker is not illegal.

There is support for many US poker players and if you are looking for further information about your rights or what you can do, you should check out the work carried out by the PPA (the Poker Players Alliance) or even the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative.

Is Real Money Poker Legal In The US?

The short and most important answer is yes. Some states have laws prohibiting it, although no prosecutions have occurred and on the whole, it is possible to play online poker for real money in the US.

Which Online Poker Sites Are Legal For USA Players

If you want to play at a legal poker site, check out one of the rooms featured below. All of the sites you see below are licensed. If you need more information about state laws, have a look at this website.

5 Legal Poker Sites for USA Players

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  • Bovada Poker
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  • Carbon Poker
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  • Sportsbetting Poker
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Is Poker Legal in Certain States? Is Online Poker Legal in the USA?

While there is certainly no blanket ban on poker play in the United States, it is still up to each individual state to impose the laws on gaming and gambling. This means that every poker player should take the time to review the legislation in their own state before committing to playing poker online.

It should always be remembered that there is no federal law making online poker illegal but as each state has the chance to impose further legislation, there is a need for individual poker players to check it out. This is where the duty of care is on the poker player to check out the local laws but if the state laws do not make reference to online gaming, it is not illegal to play.

At the time of writing, you should be aware that no single poker player has been arrested for being involved with online poker in the US since the introduction of the UIGEA bill. This dates back to 2006, which should provide players with an added level of confidence when it comes to playing online. Some online companies have been reported and faced cases but the whole legislation side seems to focus on the financial side and ensuring everything is taxed and recorded properly. In this regard, the vast majority of US poker players can relax and keep playing online poker in a safe and confident manner.

However, there are some states that have banned their residents from playing online poker and gambling online. These states include: Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin. At the moment, Nevada is a great place to be because this state was the first US state to ensure that poker networks could be organised and run from the state and poker playing citizens in the area can play online poker with every confidence.

Finding Legal US Poker Sites

It is definitely more difficult to find a US poker site than it used to be and players should carry out a level of research before they sign up for the fun and action. The number of different bills and the close level of scrutiny that has been applied to the industry in recent years have tightened up every single process of signing up with an online poker room. There are still some great online poker options but you need to stick with the best names that have a respected reputation and are well regarded for helping players to make the most of their time and money. You will find plenty of modern and new poker sites but caution should always be applied when looking for a US friendly poker site. If in doubt, read plenty of reviews and don’t be afraid to ask other poker players for their opinions about certain poker sites.